How do I use my MyUS address?

Enter your MyUS address as the "Shipping Address" as shown below, whenever you buy from US online stores.

Name: Your Name
Address (line 1): XXXX Express Lane
Address (line 2): Suite XXX-XXX (enter your suite number here)
City: Sarasota
State: Florida or FL
Zip Code/Postal Code: 34249
To find your MyUS address, sign in to your account, and it will be in the upper right hand corner.

You may also be asked for a “billing address" when paying online retailers. Use the home country address associated with your credit card.


Can I receive mail and merchandise for names other than my own?

Yes. You can add names to receive packages or mail on your account. This is a great way for your family, friends, and co-workers to save on shipping costs.

Single Package, Basic & Premium Members: $20 per name annual fee, and Form 1583 is not required.

Premium +Mail Members: $20 per name annual fee, and each additional person must submit a notarized USPS Form 1583 and provide at least one form of photo identification.


How does the transaction show up on my credit card statement?

The verification transaction will look much like other charges from MyUS. Depending on your credit card issuer’s statement format, the verification charge may appear as MyUS.com, Access USA or MyUS.com followed by your suite number.

If you have difficulty finding the verification charge, look for a charge followed by a refund of the same amount.

What if the charge is not shown in US currency?

We have provided a link to our online currency converter on the page where you enter the verification charge amount.

What amount do I enter?

The amount of the transaction will be between US $1.00 and US $9.99, and will look much like other charges from MyUS. Please enter the amount of this transaction in US dollars.

In addition to the verification charge, you will see a refund of the same amount. Please do not enter other amounts (e.g., your most recent MyUS shipping charge, Personal Shopper order, monthly service charge, etc.).

What if I can't find the transaction on my credit card statement?

It may take up to 48 hours for the verification charge to appear on your statement. If you cannot find the charge or refund on your statement, please contact your credit card issuer for assistance.

What if I don't receive a credit card statement?

If you do not receive a credit card statement or do not have access to online transaction reviews, please contact your credit card issuer for assistance.

Why was my credit card rejected?

Reasons why a credit card fails the verification process can include:

  • The credit card issuer declined the verification charge.
  • The credit card issuer approved the verification charge, but the amount entered on our website did not match the charge amount.